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Yonanas at Ideal Home Show at Christmas 2013 – (13th – 17th of November)

Start your Christmas with a bang at this year’s Ideal Home Show in London’s Earl Court. The special winter wonderland event will begin on Wednesday the 13th to Sunday the 17th of November.

The Ideal Home Show at Christmas brings together all retailers selling from Food, drinks and housewares to fashion and beauty, technology and gadgets to fabulous Christmas gifts.  The 5 day spectacular event with special celebrity guests, an indoor ice skating rink, Christmas food tasting shows and plenty of gift ideas will bring Christmas cheer a lot earlier this year.

The Yonanas Frozen Dessert Maker will be at STAND: 2E 41, as presented by No1Brands4You. There you will get to witness the amazing transformation of frozen fruit turned into delicious ice-cream treats.  The times of the show start from 9am – 5pm except on Thursday when it closes at 9pm.  So don’t miss out and buy your tickets from the Ideal Home Show website and come see us at our Stand with free samples between Wednesday 13th – Sunday the 17th of November.

The Yonanas was a big hit this summer during the heatwave in the UK. Its UK fan base has continued to grow fast with glowing reviews on Amazon, Ebay, and on other retailer websites.

To find out what’s so great about the Yonanas, buy yourself a Yonanas Frozen Dessert Maker today and experience fat-free and dairy-free ice cream in your own home.


Yonanas UK at Ideal Home Showing Show