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Frequently Asked Questions

Yo! Is yonanas® really healthier than ice-cream?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yonanas can be a healthier option than ice-cream for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:


• Yonanas is made using only fruit. (There is no added sugar, cream or other dairy added to this delicious treat).

• Simply banana yonanas contains zero grams of fat. An equal serving of soft serve ice-cream can have your buttons popping with 23 grams of fat in a 1 cup serving.

• A cup of simply banana yonanas will have 200 healthy calories as opposed to some brands of ice cream which can easily exceed 400 calories in a serving. More than 400 calories in some ice creams? Yikes!

• Yonanas doesn’t contain any cholesterol. Ice cream can contain upwards of 80mg cholesterol in a serving. Watch out arteries!

• Yonanas doesn’t contain any sodium. Comparatively, some soft serve ice creams have more than just a dash of sodium and some have more than 100 mg in a single serving!

• Yonanas contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals in each tasty serving.


Eating healthy never tasted so good!


Yo! What does it mean when “they” say bananas are a superfood?

“They” certainly have a lot to say, and in this case they mean bananas are a superfood because bananas are a good source of vitamin A, C, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, copper, and protein. When you add additional fruits like blueberries and acai, you increase your antioxidants. Bananas are also high in potassium and potassium is important to the body because it helps build muscle and aids the synthesis of proteins.


Bananas are also high in vitamin B6. “Some” (who I think is related to “they” in some way) believe that B-6 elevates your mood.


I can’t say bananas will help you leap tall buildings in a single bound, but bananas are super—no question about it.


Yo! How do I make yonanas?

1. Simply peel and freeze over-ripe bananas. Keep in mind that over-ripe, (cheetah-spotted) bananas make the best yonanas because of their sweetness.

2. Turn on yonanas maker and insert frozen bananas

3. For flavored yonanas insert frozen fruit after inserting one banana.

4. For a softer version of yonanas, thaw frozen bananas and other fruits for a few minutes.

Need something more visual? Check this out!


Yo! Does the machine freeze bananas?

No, freezers freeze bananas. Before you use the yonanas maker, you will want to peel and freeze bananas. Each freezer is different, but the general rule is that you want to freeze your bananas and other frozen fruit for 24 hours before making Yonanas. Keep in mind that over-ripe bananas will make the best Yonanas.


If your Yonanas come out mushy, the fruit isn’t frozen enough. If your fruit is rock hard, give it a few minutes to thaw.


Yo! Do you have to use bananas?

No. There are a bunch of tasty no-banana yonanas recipes in the recipe section. You can start with other frozen fruits like mangoes, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple or blueberries by themselves or in some wacky combination. Keep experimenting and you’ll find combinations that hit the spot.


Yo! Why should I buy a Yonanas maker? My blender and/or food processor can make Yonanas?

This is one of those instances where you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. I have seen the posts that say that Yonana’s cold, creamy, soft serve, ice-cream like texture and consistency can be replicated in a food processor or blender, but that just isn’t the case.


A food processor will shred the fruit and then create a “sticky” consistency and a blender requires a liquid be added to the banana to create a “smoothie” like consistency. The patent-pending technology of the yonanas maker creates the “ice-cream like” texture. Skeptics have tried it all—including those really expensive blenders, and they all come to realize that it isn’t the same.


Yonanas maker=tasty treat. Expensive blender=banana soup.


HSN Review, 9/9/2011.


Skeptical, But It’s Fabulous


“I have made banana ice cream for years in both a Vitamix and food processor–so I wasn’t sure I needed a yonanas. I hate single use appliances too. Still, the reviews were so good, that I figured I’d try it, and return it if I didn’t like it. I’m keeping it!


The texture of the yonanas banana ice cream is fabulous. It really is no comparison to other methods. My kids and I both love it. Was great feeding the baby banana ice cream when he was teething too. Great product!”


Yo! Does yonanas taste like bananas?


Yonanas takes on the taste of the other ingredients that you mix in. Ripe bananas carry a very mild banana flavor. Mixing in strawberries makes yonanas taste like strawberries, mixing in mint-chocolate chips makes yonanas taste like love, excuse me, mint-chocolate chip ice cream.


Yo! Why do all the questions start with Yo! and who is better—the Beatles or the Stones?

I don’t have a good answer for either of those questions. Keep in mind this is Frequently Asked Questions—not Always Answered Questions.


Yo! In what stores can I buy a yonanas maker?

Check out our Where to Buy section to see our retail partners and on-line retail partners. You will also see our yonanas store, where you can get a machine, as well as other cool stuff.


Yo! How big is the yonanas maker?

A yonanas maker is roughly the same size of a blender. The upper portion of the yonanas maker is removable, so the entire machine can easily be stored in a relatively small space.


Yo! Is the yonanas maker easy to clean?

You betcha! We made the parts that need to be cleaned dishwasher safe. After using, simply twist off the upper portion of the yonanas maker and unscrew the cap to expose those internal parts that get covered with yonanas. Quickly rinse, wash with soap or put the dishwasher safe parts in the dishwasher, so you are ready to go next time.


Sound too good to be true? Just look here. If you are going to lick the mixing bowl clean, I would recommend doing that prior to putting it in the soapy water.


YO! Which way does the Gasket go into the Bottom Cap thing?

There is a top and bottom to the Gasket.  The top measures 3-3/4 inches across while the bottom is wider and comes in at 4-1/4 inches.  When putting the Chute Assembly together after cleaning, you insert the bottom of the Gasket into the Bottom Cap.  If you are inserting it correctly, the Gasket will fit snuggly into the Bottom Cap.   An improperly placed gasket–one that is upside down, will sit on the Bottom Cap like a turtle on its back.  An improperly placed gasket will not properly seal and could tear.


Yo! What colors of yonanas makers are available?

Right now, we have just the silver-black model you see on the home page. That will surely change at some point, but I don’t know when.


Yo! What is the product guarantee?

Healthy Foods LLC, the parent company of yonanas, issues a 1-Year limited warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty says this product will be free from manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship. Healthy Foods LLC, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace this product or any component of the product found to be defective during the warranty period. Replacement will be made with a new or refurbished product or component.


Not to go to heavy with the WHERE AS or HENCE FORTH legalese, but if the yonanas maker is misused, dropped or damaged at fault of user, the warranty can be declared void. The Product should be returned in original packaging along with proof of purchase and description of malfunction.


YO!.  What does BPA Free mean and why do you highlight it on your home page?

Thanks for asking.  Bisphenol A, commonly referred to as BPA, is an industrial chemical that is found in some plastics and resins.  There have been studies conducted by the FDA and other respected organizations that contends that BPA can seep into food or beverages from containers that are made with BPA or into your body when you handle products made with BPAs.   More studies are underway and the findings are controversial, but common sense tells you that it is probably a good thing to avoid using BPA if possible.  That is our take at least.  Yonanas been BPA FREE since the beginning  and we will continue to be so going forward.


Yo! How does yonanas save you money?

Bananas are very affordable and simply banana yonanas will cost somewhere around 50 cents per serving. It is both tasty and inexpensive to add other fruits, mint-chocolate chips etc! You couldn’t add enough fancy chocolates or exotic fruits to get close to the $5 per pint price of some Ice cream and frozen yogurts.


Yo! What’s up with the machine? The machine continues to shut off while the power is on.

What did you do? Just kidding. The most likely reason this is happening is that our safety feature has kicked in. The machine won’t work unless the chute assembly is locked in at the 12:00 o’clock position. To do this, rotate the chute assembly counter clockwise until chute clicks into the locked position. The interlock mechanism in the base prevents motor from turning on when chute is in not in place.


NOTE:  Please make sure that there are three tabs on the chute assembly and that all three tabs fit into the base.  The machine will not operate properly if only one tab is inserted into the locking mechanism.


YO! I put in a banana and nothing came out. Did it disappear?

No, the banana is there and is simply waiting for a few friends. Make sure to use 2 frozen bananas to push through the machine. If using fruit, use one frozen banana then frozen fruit, alternating and finish with a frozen banana. A quick stir in the bowl will insure that all the ingredients are mixed together, which should get the party started.


YO! How do I contact you?


If you have additional questions, you can email us at or you can call us toll free at 855-YONANAS (855-966-2627).


Why the Dole Partnership?

Dole and Healthy Foods joined forces to increase consumption of fruit by expanding the yonanas® product line and its distribution in retail and commercial outlets. The collaboration with Dole, the world’s largest producer and marketer of high-quality fruits and vegetables, will help Healthy Foods increase retail distribution of the yonanas® treat maker as well as accelerate the development of a new line of commercial yonanas® products.


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